Proudly serving Fort Wayne since 1991.
Clem's is dedicated to carrying as wide and deep a line of comic books and graphic novels as you'll find anywhere. We carry not only the major publishers like Marvel & DC, but we try to stock titles and content for all ages and tastes, from smaller, independent publishers. If you can't find it on our shelves, all you have to do is ask! We can place special orders for both current and back issues.
Games have come a long way in the last decade. In addition to the still-popular collectible games like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, board games and pre-painted miniatures games have become a huge part of the landscape, and in addition to stocking these, we support organized play events for many of the games we sell here. Games like Settlers of Catan & Heroclix are taking modern players to a whole new level of fun!

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