Board Games

By far, the largest and STILL fastest-growing line of products in the last decade has been our BOARD GAMES.  We specialize in the so-called Eurogames, the burgeoning market of games that have been making their way to market in the United States in the last 10-15 years.  We also carry special iterations of many popular American games such as Risk or Monopoly, with some old favorites like chess and Scrabble randomly mixed in.

There is also a variety of “party games”, some mystery murder games, and we’re starting to look at lines of puzzles also.The Eurogames, however, are the market that has truly exploded in the last decade.  Popular examples of these types of games include Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride & Carcassonne.  Some characteristics of these type of games are attractive & sturdy game boards and pieces, short to medium play times, and a downplaying of luck and an increase of strategy.  These games also tend to keep all players in the game until the very end, unlike many American games that slowly “eliminate” players.  They have become widely popular even without a lot of marketing through large stores, and many American manufacturers of these types of games have begun to surface as well.

The diversity of our board game offerings here at Clem’s is constantly growing, and as websites such as Kickstarter have allowed for the innovation of even greater ideas for tabletop games, we are also doing our best to keep track of the top trending games, and to make sure they are available to the Clem’s customer.

Save up to 20% buying your new board games at Clem’s!!!

imageNow when you purchase any board game at regular price, you are automatically enrolled in our program to save on your purchases! We will track your board-and-card purchases on our computers, and for every FOURTH game that you buy, you will get a FIFTH game absolutely free! And there’s no need to leave a credit card or any excessive personal information… all you need to enroll is a face and an e-mail address OR phone number!

You can stop in or email us at any time to ask about your status in the program, perhaps to find out how many purchases you have on file before your next FREE game. It’s that simple! You don’t need to worry any longer about finding your best price for a game, or if something you ordered in the mail will arrive on time or in good shape! We want to make it affordable for you to do your business HERE, in the town you live in, and that’s why we’ve put together this program.

The FINE PRINT: Your fifth FREE game credit total will be the average of your preceding four game purchases. This offer extends ONLY to stand-alone board or card games, or expansions for those games, that are marked at least $20 or more. Any games purchased with store credit, or are otherwise discounted through some other offer, are not eligible for your count. Our computer records for our customers will be our final determination of your current status in the program, unless proof is produced that contradicts our records (receipts, etc.)

Interested in PLAYING some of these games?

We host regular board game meetings here at the store, up to four times a month, as we try to grow our board game community.  We would like to look at hosting tournaments for games like Settlers, Dominion or Quarriors as we continue to grow, so if you have interest in these things, please let us know!

Right now our board games group meet on Sundays and Thursdays, every other week.  It’s best to check our store calendar to make sure we’re meeting, or just call us at the store (260-436-2719).


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